Victorian inspiration design pack

Created for our themed biennial Bead Festivals, our design packs are intended to inspire you, to take your first steps into design.

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Images show examples of how the trustees interpreted the theme of the day. Each pack contains several patterns, which have been kindly donated to the BWG by the designers. All of which we hope will help to inspire you.

* Bookmark by Liz Thornton, make longer for a bracelet or lariat
* Bookmark by Sue Maguire, make longer for a bracelet or lariat

Several additional charted design panels of various sizes:
* Peyote stitch x 6 *
* Square stitch x 13 **
* Herringbone x 1 ***

*Charts may be converted to Brick stitch.
**Charts with an even number of beads can also be stitched in Herringbone.
***Charts may be converted to Square stitch.

The charts can be used as they are, or can be made into bags, wall hangings, bracelets or whatever your imagination suggests to you.

Instructions for St Petersburgh chain and circle, Herringbone, Square and Peyote stitch complete the contents.